So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90.12

Tamarack Academy 2012-2013

Here's an overview of what we're doing this year:

(Base Curriculum - Ambleside Online Year 3

Bible - Bible reading and Boys' and Girls' Daily Calendar

Language Arts - a writing exercise workbook I was given - she is working on writing good, clear sentences and gaining confidence in writing
MathematicsMathematics Enhancement Programme Year 2 (Math is not her best subject and we are going slowly.  We are hoping to get into Year 3 after Christmas)  This is a FREE programme available online.
Handwriting - Handwriting workbook I got for $4 at our local discount store (She is learning cursive writing this year)
History - Our Island Story by H E Marshall (British History - starting with the Tudors this year)
ScienceThe Wonders of God's Creation books
Art, Music, Handicrafts - no formal programme this year  She is doing lots of drawing and papercrafts and we listen to a variety of classical and folk music as well as hymns.


My Father's World From A to Z A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum (Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, Art, etc)   I purchased the Deluxe Package to use with my daughter when she was in Kindergarten, so I'm reusing it with my son.  I purchased mine a few years ago and the price is now higher than what I paid.

Ambleside Online Year 0 - We have quite of few of the books on this list and the rest we are getting from the library.

Various other materials to supplement as needed (mostly inexpensive or secondhand)

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