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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Waterless Snow Globes

This is a really easy craft I first saw on Salt Tree blog.  Go check out her photos for her step by step directions.  I did this craft with a group of 4 kids aged 3-7 and they loved it.

I had to tweak the directions slightly because I couldn't find the exact supplies she used, but here is what I did:
  1. Take a small Mason canning jar and take the ring apart.  Glue your miniature (I used little trees like you would put in a Christmas village) to the metal side of the lid with hot glue.
  2. Hot glue cotton balls around the base of the miniature (this is your snow).  Set this aside to fully dry.
  3. Take your jar and add some large flake glitter (either silver or gold) to it, enough to cover the bottom of the jar well.  Then add as much fine or super fine glitter as you want for added colour and sparkle.  We used gold, silver, red, royal blue, green, purple, pink, and light blue (everyone picked whatever colours they fancied).
  4.   Take your lid and insert the miniature into the jar UPSIDE DOWN.  Then put the ring back on the jar and tighten securely.  You may want to glue it shut if there is a possibility someone might get it open ;)
  5. Turn over, shake and enjoy!

You can see the glitter a little better in this photo.

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Marsha Cooper said...

These are so neat...thanks for the reminder about them. My kids made some in Sunday school one year many years ago.