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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sheets to Swiffers

Another frugal household idea for you today.  I recently saw how a woman had used an old chenille sock and some knit (t-shirt) scraps to make a washable, reusable Swiffer cloth.  She was a sewing whiz and while I liked the idea, I can't sew (and I don't have a sewing machine).  I have in the past just attached a rag to my Swiffer to use when I didn't have the proper cloths.  While (trying) to declutter my house, I got an idea.

I don't know if "Brunswick Sheets" or "Health Sheets" are common in other areas, but they are quite popular here.  They are basically polar fleece sheets and they are so incredibly comfortable!  I have used them for about ten years and just love them.  They can be quite pricey but the quality is excellent and they should last for many years.  (By the way, these are my own opinions on these products and I have no connections with either company!)

Anyway, back to the Swiffer.  My oldest set of fleece sheets (the first ones I got 10 years ago!), finally had the elastic go on them and I couldn't keep them on the bed.  I hung on to them for a while and finally put one to use today.

First of all, I laid out the sheet on the table and cut the corner seams out so all the fabric would be flat and easier to work with.

Next, I put the Swiffer on the sheet to figure out approximately how big to cut the pieces.

You will want to have enough overhang of the fabric to tuck into the little grabby things (my very technical term!) on top of the Swiffer head.

Then you just cut your piece of fleece sheet to the needed size (notice how terribly even my piece is?).  Use fabric shears for the best result and least amount of annoyance.  ;)

With the fluffy side down, place your Swiffer on the top and attach the piece of fleece (using the little grippy things).

Tada - reusable Swiffer sweeper cloths!  I didn't use the middle of my fitted sheet and I still got 6 cloths for the Swiffer.  (By the way, I cut up the middle for "regular" rags.  The outside edges were the fluffiest and I thought they would work better with the Swiffer.)

I'm sure you could use other worn out linens or articles of clothing (like towels, socks, or t-shirts), as long as the fabric has a bit of texture and absorbency.  I'm planning on using my cloths both wet and dry and tossing them in the laundry when I'm finished with them.  A really great ("green" and frugal) cleaner to keep mixed up in a spray bottle is 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, and about a tablespoon of dish soap.  You can just squirt it on the floor and use your Swiffer with its reusable cloth for quick clean ups.

Excuse me, I have to go clean my floor now...Thanks for visiting today!

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