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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Afternoon Excursion

On Canada Day (July 1st), I took my kids out to the new playground at my daughter's former school.  This is one of the communities we had to pass through:

I've heard a lot of pronunciations for this name!  It is pronounced YOU-ig.  It is a beautiful little rural community not far from where we live.  Just before you get to this sign is a place I find very interesting.  Brace yourselves - it's a cemetery.  Not just any cemetery though... look closely.

(you may want to click on the photo to enlarge it)

This is a very old cemetery used by the early Scottish settlers in this area (Uigg Pioneer Cemetery).  This particular headstone has a Gaelic inscription on it.  I believe this is the only Gaelic marker left here, although some are so old and worn it is hard to tell what the inscription is.  The dates on most of the markers are in the 1850's and 1860's.  There are a few different family names represented - MacDonald, MacLean, and MacPhee among others.

This young man was only 16 years old when he passed away in 1854.  There are a number of headstones for children younger than this and quite a few for women in their twenties.  I find it fascinating (sad as well) to visit old graveyards like this one, read the inscriptions, and wonder who these people were.

This is not a large cemetery.  There are only about 25 markers still standing.  There are also a few lying flat on the ground.  Someone (or some group) cares for the grounds.  The grass is always kept cut in the summertime and some of the headstones have been repaired.  

I often wonder what these people were like and what brought them to this island.  They would mostly have emigrated from the Isle of Skye.  Were they happy to come here or did they not have any choice?  Did they miss their native land?...

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