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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Breaking the Law

I broke the law on Monday.  Well, kinda, SORTA broke the law.  I bought something ILLEGAL.  I know you're shocked.  I can hear your gasps of amazement and bewilderment ("But she seemed like such a nice girl!").  Well, what did I buy?  


Farm fresh ungraded eggs, to be precise.  And technically I purchased them illegally.  Why?  I bought them through our local health food store.  Here on PEI, small farmers can sell ungraded eggs from their farm gate but they are not supposed to distribute them through a shop.  The way the lovely couple who own the shop are getting around this law, for the time being, is quite inventive.  They are selling the egg CARTONS for $2.75 each and then they give you a dozen eggs free with your purchase of the carton!  Clever, aren't they?  Here is a link to an article about this situation.

These are lovely eggs and some are huge!  Look at the size of the egg in this next photo.

I am really looking forward to eating my farm fresh eggs.  Two observations about eggs from smaller farms:
  1. The shells are (usually) much stronger.  The first time I remember cracking a grocery store egg after being used to farm eggs, I whacked the egg a LITTLE too hard on the edge of the sink (which is usually how I crack eggs for baking and cooking) and ended up with a disintegrated egg dripping through my fingers.
  2. The yolks are quite a bit more yellow, darker than "store" eggs.
And in my personal opinion, farm eggs taste better.

I try to buy local if I can, but sometimes local products are out of my price range :( and I feel bad.  I do what I am able to do.  When we buy sausages (these are a treat!), we get them from our neighbours.  They make the most delicious sausage!  My husband's favourite is "Fire & Ice".  They are intensely spicy/hot.  I like "Hungarian" and "Bratwurst", spicy but not too spicy.  Yum... sausage...

I got off topic there a little bit, didn't I?  Anyway, I'm trying to avoid using my kitchen stove as much as possible lately.  Right now, it's 26 Celsius in the shade.  So no eggs or sausage for supper tonight :(  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all around (too bad we can't grow peanuts here!)

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Laura said...

Haha, I love this, and I an way impressed with the way they are getting around the laws do now. We raise our own chickens, ducks and geese for our eggs, and we can actually purchase farm fresh eggs at our local grocery store. I wish that someone around here would think up a cool way around raw milk like that, I would definitely buy a glass jug for the free milk!! ;-)

Jacqueline said...

That would be really cool!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother sold eggs for years and years and years...we're all still alive after growing up eating them!! They are perfectly fine - and they sold like crazy in the neighborhood. The law is only protecting the big producers and if I lived in Montague, I'd be supporting this couple too. Ridiculous!

Sarah said...

We sell our eggs, but not to stores...that's sort of like donating to the farms who supply raw milk