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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Last Hurrah!

Yesterday we went on a picnic/outing with our good friends for Labour Day.  We went to King's Castle Provincial Park, which is probably my kids' favourite place to go.  The woods and playground are filled with storybook characters.  There is also a beach!  And ice cream!  It was a gorgeous, warm day and breezy so the mosquitoes were hardly around.

The white boat is a fishing boat.  The grey boats are mussel skiffs.  You can see the buoys in the water marking the mussel socks.  Mussel socks are a way of of cultivating mussels off the bottom so they are cleaner and better tasting.  The "socks" are tubes of netting with the mussels growing inside.

Some cute little bare feet on the sand

There were lots of snails stuck to rocks on the beach as the tide had gone out not too long before.

There were lots of dead crabs.  I hate crabs.

This is Lass' beach project.  I must ask her what it was.

The pumpkin slide!

Papa Bear of The Three Bears

A giant rabbit

On the way home we stopped at Buffaloland Provincial Park.  We actually saw some buffalo (AKA American Bison, Latin name Bison Bison) this time.  They have been rather elusive this year.

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Love the pumpkin slide!!