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Saturday, 3 September 2011

This Morning in Our Yard

There is not too much going on out in the garden.  I'm afraid my zucchini have succumbed to some sort of blight.  Here I thought we would be overrun with them and we've had ONE zucchini (it was tasty, though).

We have had a number of birds visiting our yard lately.  The photos aren't great, but these are cedar waxwings perching on the kids' picnic table and in the apple tree.

I have a number of gladiolus out - dark red, bright red and purple.  They took quite a beating during the wind storm that was our share of Hurricane Irene.

When I was looking out the kitchen window at the red and purple side by side, I was reminded of my piano teacher.  I know, I'm weird.  She used to wear a purple cardigan over a red dress a lot.

This one is really bent over from the wind.

We're getting ready for a family barbecue tonight.  My sister-in-law is home from Alberta and my brother-in-law is over for the weekend from New Brunswick where he is currently stationed at CFB Gagetown.  So, we're having a big family get-together.  We're having barbecued pork chops, hamburgers, and hotdogs as well as corn salad, broccoli salad, potato salad, and jellied salads.  I'm making a Greek pasta salad to take as well.  Should be delicious!

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