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Friday, 2 March 2012

Learning About Time


My daughter is really struggling with learning about time and how to tell time on a clock.  So, I decided to make a clock that we could play with to try to reinforce the concepts I've been trying to teach.

I had all the supplies I needed in my craft stash (I'll provide a supply list at the end of this post for those of you interested in knowing exactly what I used).  The clock face is an image from The Graphics Fairy that I printed out on cardstock.  I went over the hour numbers with a red marker and coloured the minute marks with a blue marker (I also added in the minutes in 5 minute increments around the outside edge).  After trimming the paper a little, I put some self adhesive magnet sheets on the back.  I drew a minute hand and an hour hand on scraps of cardstock and cut them out.  I added some scraps of the magnetic sheet on the back of the hands so they would stick to the clock.  I used some leftover bits of cardstock with a little piece of magnet on the back to make schedule cards.  These have a time and an event written on them (for example - in the photo below, the card says 7.30 Breakfast and I have the hands of the clock placed correctly to show that time). 

I'm hoping to use this as a schedule reminder as well as a teaching tool to help Lass grasp the concept of time.

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Supplies used
(2) 6" x 9 " self adhesive magnet sheets - Dollar store
(1) 8 1/2" x 11" sheet tan cardstock - Recollections brand from Michaels
Sharp pair of scissors (DO NOT use your best scissors because the magnet sheets make them really gummy)
Scraps of red, blue, and cream cardstock
Red and blue markers - I used Crayola  SuperTips

Time from start to finish
30 minutes

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Jo@simplybeingmum said...

Love this. Great idea!