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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A New Schedule

We finally finished up the My Father's World curriculum and now we are using Ambleside Online as our "base" curriculum.  We've changed our schedule slightly, but we're still using our workbaskets to stay organised.  This is what our week looks like:

Bible - reading Psalms 6-10, Devotional Calendar
Copywork - verses from the Psalms this week
Poetry - poems by Christina Rossetti
Math - Money (using quarters and loonies)
Phonics - rereading some of the stories from the Bible Reader and working on spelling words from the stories
Literature - finishing up The Wind in the Willows
History - Our Island Story and Discovery of New Worlds
Science - finishing up The Burgess Animal Book for Children
Geography - working on identifying the provinces and territories of Canada and some Canadian symbols (flag, coat of arms, etc)
Free Reading - Mary Poppins by P L Travers

We're easing into the new workload and things have been surprisingly smooth.  The work seems to be getting done in a more timely fashion.  One thing I have gotten rid of gladly is written narration for now (thank you, Charlotte Mason!).  I'm asking Lassie to give me an oral narration which I write down.

The above schedule is mainly Lassie's work but Laddie listens in on all the reading.  He is doing lots of hands-on activities (pattern blocks, Lego, Cuisinaire rods), some preschool skills worksheets, and our homemade Handwriting Without Tears programme (which I hope to blog about soon!).

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Jeanne said...

Just found you from Chef Penny's blog. We use AO too - my 10 yo daughter, Jemimah is doing AO5.

We love it!