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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Field Trip!

We got to go to Charlottetown for a visit to the racetrack this week.  This field trip was set up through the homeschool group.  I just have to say it is so wonderful to be in an area where there are so many homeschoolers.  After living in an area (for a year) where there were no homeschoolers, it is simply amazing to have so many people to do things with.  I also really appreciate the Charlotte Mason group.  I have only been to one meeting so far but it was a real boost for me.  I am also thankful for a good friend who lives less than 10 minutes from me and is also a homeschooler.  I could go on and on with the blessings that have been given to me - but on to the report!

We were taken to the barns by a guide and the kids got to meet a real racehorse.  He was a beautiful bay three year-old named Iceman.  All the kids who wanted to could pat his nose.  That was really exciting for my son and he was quite calm (I had given them the lecture about not screaming, shrieking, or jumping around the horses earlier).  My daughter was able to contain herself (she tends to be quite nervous around horses).  Then the guide took us into the "museum" where they have some harness racing memorabilia, photos and information on different records, drivers, trainers, owners and horses.  All very interesting!  (It helps that I love horses!)  We were also able to watch some of the horses being jogged around the track, which the kids found really neat.  Standing down near the fence, you hear the hooves pounding, the horses breathing, and the sulky wheels turning.  My kids didn't want to leave.  We actually stayed a little longer than some of the others and just watched the horses out on the track.  I had to drag them back to the car because I was freezing!

Here are some photos that I took:
                                                               (an antique sulky)

and a short little video we took:

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