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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I broke the law... again

Just an update to my post "Breaking the Law".  Here is a recent article from the Charlottetown paper about what has happened to the Mermuys' business since they started selling the egg cartons ;)

I am amazed by the response.  On Monday, I went into The Turning Point and was able to get their last dozen eggs.  They can hardly keep them in the store.  I had a chat with a gentleman waiting to get his order rung through (he actually let me have the last full dozen eggs and took a carton with only 11 eggs in it because one had broken).  What a nice man!

Also, I discovered that eggs at the Atlantic Superstore (where I do the bulk of my shopping) are now $2.99 a dozen for large.  The "local eggs" are about 25 cents cheaper and they are so big that the covers on the extra large cartons will just close over them.  Now I can buy local AND be frugal!

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