So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90.12

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

An Interesting Day

I say an interesting day because:
1.  I'm still feeling icky (sinus problems)
2.  A stray cat showed up on our doorstep and decided to adopt us
3.  My husband and I made about 2 gallons of fruit juice
4.  The kids are at their grandparents' house for a couple of nights

The schedule feels really messed up around here.

Anyway, I thought I would post a photo of a card I made a while ago.

This is a 6 by 6  inch card - a different size for me mostly because it's hard to find envelopes for this size card!  The base is peach cardstock.  That floral paper is Life's Journey Old Rose Embossed Paper by K&Company (I really like this paper because it looks like old fabric AND because I got it for 25 cents a sheet!).  The doily is from a pack I picked up at a discount store in the party supplies section.  I dyed the doily in a cup of tea (because it was too white to go with the patterned paper) and dried it on paper towels before gluing it to the card.  The image is one I downloaded from somewhere online.  The ecru lace trim is from the sewing section at the dollar store.  You know how sometimes you get a jacket or dress with those annoying loops of ribbon sewn into the seams right under the arms?  The pale pink-peach bow is made out of ribbon I took off a dress.  I just can't throw out ribbon.  Can that count as recycling?  I don't have a photo of the inside of the card, but I just simply stamped Happy Birthday inside using sage green ink.

Thanks again for visiting!

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